Getting Started with LinkedIn Groups

Social media platforms are designed to attract a wide variety of users; choosing which platform is right for you and your business is a learning process. Facebook is predominately used to connect with friends, family and old classmates — your personal connections. Twitter, which only allows users to post 140 character updates, is a broader network where users can share information with friends and colleagues. Many even follow their favorite celebrities and businesses. For people looking to connect on a professional level, LinkedIn provides an ideal platform.

A business-oriented social network, LinkedIn provides a space to connect with current and former colleagues. With the addition of LinkedIn Groups, users can join discussions with professionals in their networks. For example, the Bank Administration Institute (BAI) created a LinkedIn Group to connect professionals who attended their BAI Retail Delivery conference last month. Users who joined the group could get updates on events taking place at the conference.

For a visual explanation of LinkedIn, watch the tutorial below:

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Written by Staff