Social Media Tweet Chat for Credit Unions

@SM4CU has launched a weekly Tweet chat designed for credit unions to connect and discuss social media. The bi-weekly chat, which is run by @brudaddy and @matthod, takes place on Tuesdays at 12:00 pm ET.

This week, the chat focused on select employee groups (SEGs) and social media, and discussed avenues to expand social media channels. Below are some highlights of the chat:

  • SM encompasses more than Twitter or FB and you may find more value advertising on niche forums for your SEG. #sm4cu
  • Need to make sure we are not focused on just one aspect of SM. As with all mktg it needs to be integrated into something bigger. #sm4cu
  • You must remember that SM is not for every company. You have to make sure you have a strategy before jumping in. #sm4cu
  • Great conversation going on. SM planning is key. A well thought out plan does not require zigging or zagging only execution.  #sm4cu

For a full recap of the conversation, visit TweetDoc.

A recurring theme of the chat was that social media covers an array of services, and should not be limited to Facebook and Twitter. Does your FI break out of the traditional social media channels? What channels are important for banks and credit unions to utilize? Leave us a comment below, Tweet @bankingdotcom or join the next #sm4cu.



Written by Staff