The 15 Best-run Community Banks

Did you make the list?

Sageworks recently ranked more than 6,600 banks in the United States to find the 15 best-run community banks. Banks with $100 million to $10 billion in assets were judged on their return on average assets (ROAA) and efficiency ratio (a measure of a bank’s ability to generate revenue from its non-funding-related expense base), as determined by Sageworks Bank Information, a web-based data platform that includes thousands of data points on all U.S. banks and credit unions.

State Bank of Texas took the number one slot based on its 2014 year-to-date ROAA and efficiency ratio, with PrinsBank and Stearns Bank National Association closing in at second and third, respectively. Notably, small community banks took a large portion of the list with two-thirds of banks listed having less than $500 million in assets. Only one bank has assets over $1 billion with Stearns Bank National Association coming in at number two.

15 best run community banks sageworks



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Written by Staff