Video: Women’s World Banking Helping the Underbanked

As we have discussed frequently on, women will become a driving force in the economy over the next decade.  But how do you engage those that aren’t participating in mainstream banking?

Women’s World Banking, an organization that provides microfinancing services to women in 27 developing countries, gives women access to top financial products and services to help their families.  Women’s World Banking is currently working with 39 financial institutions to provide financial assistance through savings and insurance products, pensions and other services to develop solutions that address “the ways women interact with the financial system throughout their lifecycle.”

See below for a video with Women’s World Banking CEO Mary Ellen Iskenderian as she talks about the organization to Bloomberg.

How are you helping those in your community with their finances? What are you offering to help the underbanked consumers in your region? Let us know by posting in the comments section below or tweeting @Bankingdotcom.

Written by Staff