Approaching Omni-Channel: How Should You Do it?

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Last year we’ve seen tremendous buzz surrounding the unfolding omni-channel story. The market has become somewhat saturated with perspectives on the topic but many forget the most important character: the customer. It’s crucial that as financial institutions are changing mindsets and evolving business models they don’t lose sight of the needs of today’s banking consumers.

As part of their 2015 Momentum Webinar Series, Digital Insight will host a free webinar, “Omni-channel Engagement: Maximizing Profitability in a Consumer-driven Market” on Wednesday, February 25, 2015.

The webinar will include insights into increasing engagement across all channels and help you:

  • Learn about the opportunities to improve cost and income.
  • Rethink your game plan for leveraging omni-channel.
  • Understand ways to compete with non-traditional banking players.

We’ll be attending, following along and sharing insights via Twitter with the hashtag #DIwebinar. Also, be sure to follow along @Bankingdotcom and @Digital_Insight for live updates.

You can register for the webinar by clicking the image below. See you there!

DI Omnichannel Webinar

Written by Staff