Baby Boomers turn 65: What’s Ahead?

On January 1, 2011, the first baby boomers will turn 65.  January 1, 1946 kicked off an unanticipated and unprecedented population explosion in the U.S., one that lasted for 19 years.  This date marked the beginning of the Baby Boom, a generation that is 77 million strong.  What’s ahead?  Expect more legible mobile phone displays, premium coffee in nursing homes, bigger and brighter road signs, hearing aids that look like Bluetooth ear pieces.  And a lot of denial.  Even terminology will change. The period from 65 to 85 will become known as “late adulthood”.  And the term “senior citizen” will likely become extinct.  The biggest question raised is how this shift will affect the politics of Social Security and Medicare, and the nature of retirement in general.

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How are you helping your Boomer customers better prepare for their future?  What offerings and services do you currently provide for this largest segment of the population?

Written by Staff