Bank Websites: Are They Offering Enough Outside Content?

Visiting a financial institution via the Internet is not a new concept; it’s the addition of new tools and features that are enhancing online banking for customers and members. As banks shift with consumers to an increasingly online world, informative online platforms are integral to the customer experience.

Aite Group’s Sophie Schmitt recently examined this issue in a blog post:

“Several large U.S. banks have recently re-launched their websites, or introduced new ones that are more customer-friendly and customer-needs-focused. On Bank of America’s new home page, the traditional product menu has been replaced with an activity-focused menu, making it more dynamic and customer-friendly. Customers can bank, borrow, invest, protect, and plan through the website.”

While Schmitt agrees that these advances are good for customers, she questions whether they are enough to inform customers about the banking and financial advice available to them. Many banks only offer information about tools and educational content provided by their bank.

Are you offering your customers and members independent content? Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Staff