Turns 1

One year ago, we launched and kicked off Intuit Financial Services’ Third Annual Online Financial Management Survey. Over the past year, we’ve gotten the opportunity to connect with a variety of industry thought leaders via our blog and Twitter channel.

Some key highlights for our staff included when we hosted the report on the Future of Financial Services, and held a corresponding Twitter Town Hall to discuss the findings with our readers and followers. Over the past year we’ve delved into many areas, covering topics from mobile banking, to banking regulation, social media and more; and we’re looking forward to expanding our coverage in the next year.

For our readers who joined us later in the year, and for our readers from day-one, we will be hosting Intuit Financial Services’ Fourth Annual Financial Management Survey in early November, along with a corresponding Twitter Town Hall. Stay tuned for dates and times, and interesting stats on the banking industry you have come to know and enjoy from the Staff.

Happy Birthday!











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Written by Staff