By the Numbers: Biggest Pain Points in Customer Service

According to a recent commissioned consumer survey, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of eGain, on the biggest pain points of customer service journeys is the lack of knowledge among agents.

An online study of 5,000 consumers in the US uncovered the worst aspects of getting help from customer service contact centers.

Allowed to pick up to two options, consumers cited the following three as the biggest pain points:

customer service

According to the report, the research also yielded insights across industries and consumer demographics such as age, gender, and income groups. Here are some sample findings:

Consistency of answers across agents: Government (56%), and tech-oriented sectors—technology (47%), cell phone (46%) and communications service providers (45%)—performed the worst in this area. Even the best–performing sector, online retail, had 33% of consumers complaining about this issue. This highlights the need for a unified omnichannel knowledge platform across industries.

Agents not knowing the answer: Offline retail (47%) and technology sectors (47%) performed the worst. Again, even the best-performing sector, property, casualty and life insurance, had 25% of consumers complaining about this issue. There seems to be a need for knowledge management systems that are smarter, as simpler questions get handled by self-service. The system would have to be available across all omnichannel touchpoints, including retail stores and branch offices.

Findability of answers on website: Online retail (40%) and banks (36%) performed the worst. 27% of consumers thought that this was a major pain point even in the best-performing sector, technology. There seems to be a huge opportunity across industries to reduce website abandonment and create service differentiation through knowledge- powered self-service.

Younger consumers are less forgiving of agents that are not knowledgeable: 40% of Gen Y consumers did not find agents to be knowledgeable versus only 23% of seniors. Likewise, only 9% of Gen Y consumers found non-knowledge issues as the main roadblock to service versus 35% of seniors. This is, perhaps, due to younger consumers knowing more and demanding more knowledgeable service.

Written by Staff