Celent: Tablets and Banking

There are a lot of reasons to love Jacob Jegher‘s latest post, Tablet Wars: Online/Mobile Banking Will Never be The Same. First, if you know Jegher at all you know he’s not prone to making sensational broad sweeping statements. That alone make his post a must read.

Secondly, Jegher hits on all of the right points as to why tablets are a game changer, many of which his Celent colleagues have also teed up in recent months. In short:

  • Is banking on a tablet considered online banking or mobile banking? The answer is both and neither. Tablets are unique devices with distinct capabilities and form factors.” The bit about form factors is particularly important. Intuit’s hit on this in discussions around experience design and Omar Green’s a huge champion of what he likes to call “Mobile Context.”
  • Do tablets impact consumer banking, small business banking, or corporate banking? The answer is all of the above.” What’s important here is that tablets influence all three of these categories very differently.

The best part about this post, in my opinion, is that all of Jegher’s comments point in the same direction. End users, regardless of their stripe (consumer, big time enterprise executive, small business owner) all want what they want, when they want it, where they want it. Simply put this bolis down to meeting a customer at their point of need and in the right context.

*originally posted on the Intuit Network

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Written by Allyson Casey