Digital Insight enhances iOS Mobile Banking App functionality

Digital Insight, an NCR company, has unveiled a range of new features for its Mobile Banking App on iOS devices in order to streamline bank account interactions for its clients’ customers.

The app now fully leverages the latest iOS 9 functionality, so global banking and credit union customers on iPhones and iPads can take advantage of additional multitasking and split-screen capabilities.

Among the key benefits of the update include the ability for users to view their account balance without needing to log directly into the Mobile Banking App. Instead, individualsĀ can see their available funds and recent activity in real-time through the device’s pull-down widget.

The feature is designed to offer people a quick and convenient method of checking their balance while on the move or before making purchases. Customers can also use 3D touch on their iPhones to access extra menus and banking shortcuts.

Furthermore, iPad users can utilize the device’s split-screen function to perform multiple financial actions simultaneously. New landscape orientation options also facilitate side-by-side viewing of account and transaction information.

Digital Insight believes these features not only make everyday banking tasks quicker and simpler, but also enable people to better integrate these activities into their daily lives.

Driving ‘digital first’ strategies

Mobile banking is becoming increasingly popular among customers, particularly millennials. Recent Accenture figures revealed that 22 per cent of people in this demographic purchased or signed up to a mobile banking app within the last 12 months.

Dan Weis, senior product manager for mobile banking at Digital Insight, said the company’s strategy is to deliver enjoyable and revolutionary mobile experiences that exceed customer expectations.

“We believe that delighted consumers will deepen their relationship with their financial institutions, thereby setting up institutions for long-term success in mobile,” he explained.

Digital Insight confirmed the new iPhone and iPad functionality for the Mobile Banking App show the company’s commitment to aligning with tech industry giants like Google and Apple.

One of the organization’s clients, Arizona Federal Credit Union (AZFCU), highlighted how important such enhancements are to maximizing customer satisfaction.

“We are striving to become a ‘digital first’ financial institution, so giving our members these types of options is paramount to that success,” said Eric Givens, senior director of digital banking at AZFCU.

Written by Jack Dougal

Jack Dougal

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