Fast Facts: Cybersecurity

The Financial Services Roundtable recently released another iteration of its Fast Facts, reliable, bullet-point research about issues facing the financial services industry. Topics span TARP, Dodd-Frank, insurance, lending, retirement savings and more. 

The financial services sector and private industry are increasingly targeted by complex cyber-attacks. Attacks can have potentially disastrous effects including theft of confidential data, damage to critical infrastructure, and denial of access to customers, shareholders, or investors.

FACT: The White House has recognized the importance and need for increased cyber defense and information sharing through both a policy directive and executive order signed February 12, 2013.

FACT: The financial industry has successfully withstood three waves of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks beginning in September 2012.

  • DDoS attacks involve a flood of electronic traffic from locations around the world to a website intended to slow down or disable an institutions site.
  • While DDoS attacks are not designed to steal confidential data or expose sensitive personal information, they inconvenience consumers and businesses attempting to access online services and could be leveraged as a distraction for more harmful attacks.

FACT: Information sharing remains one of the best defenses against cyber-attacks.

FACT: Establishing a system where the private and public sectors share and use timely threat intelligence will help America create a more capable and expansive cyber-defense network.

  • Protecting the privacy and security of customers is an industry priority. Information shared is limited to data needed to protect from and respond to cybersecurity attacks.

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