FI Highlight: Banner Bank

Financial institutions are always looking for new ways to attract customers and give the best look and feel to their brand. For our most recent FI Highlight, we spoke with Dianne Larsen, senior vice president, director of marketing, Banner Bank. Dianne shared insight on Banner Bank’s recently redesigned website and new marketing initiatives to further their approach as a “super community bank.”

Dianne Larsen, Banner Bank

Dianne Larsen, Banner Bank

You recently overhauled your website and launched new marketing initiatives. What led to this change?

Technology is changing so quickly, and our old website didn’t offer responsive design for mobile and tablet devices and was cumbersome to update. With our new website, content edits are much easier to make in a timely fashion. We also refresh our overall marketing tactics from time to time and felt it was great to present a ubiquitous design experience in our online and offline marketing efforts.
What is new about your online and mobile banking experience?  

We regularly push mobile banking updates to our clients. A recent innovation is a native iPad app for mobile banking. And, of course, everyone loves making mobile deposits from their smartphone.

Can you describe some of the biggest challenges in this new site and advertising campaign?

A bank must have zero tolerance for website downtime as it impacts your clients’ ability to access their money. We were very careful to select a platform that is in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for web content management and looked at a number of website design and implementation agencies before selecting one that is both expert at their craft and a great cultural fit for us. The actual launch date of the website was a little later than what we anticipated because we wanted to ensure that it was working flawlessly at launch. The result of that was an almost simultaneous introduction of both the website and our advertising campaign, both of which feature real Banner Bank client stories.

Banner Bank's new website

Banner Bank’s new website

How have customers responded to the new marketing campaigns and site design?  

We’ve received resoundingly positive feedback from clients and employees alike. We’re especially thrilled that our clients want to be featured in our ads. It’s a great testimony to how they view our relationship.

What can other banks learn from your experience?

By focusing on client needs you can design marketing campaigns and websites to present a more client-centric experience.

What makes Banner Bank unique?

While we’re a regional bank, we offer many of the financial services some might expect only from the national banks. We’ve been recognized by Forbes as ‘One of the 50 must trustworthy financial institutions,’ and the Small Business Administration as a top community bank lender in the markets we serve. We enjoy outstanding client satisfaction and we work hard every day to continue to earn their trust. Continuing to offer products like our free Connected Checking account which rebates ATM surcharges anywhere in the U.S. also sets us apart from many other banks that have imposed monthly fees.

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