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Molly McCurdy Star Choice Credit UnionIn our latest FI Spotlight, spoke with Molly McCurdy, Marketing Coordinator for Star Choice Credit Union. Molly has been the Marketing Coordinator for Star Choice Credit Union since February 2012, and has been utilizing social media to reach a younger demographic in hopes of lowering the average age of the members at Star Choice Credit Union. We connected with Molly to talk about how Star Choice is engaging members, using social media to drive more intimate customer relationships and recent social campaigns like their Minnesota Wild Hockey promotion.

Q: In a few sentences, can you tell me about Star Choice Credit Union?

What began as the Minneapolis Star Employees Credit Union in 1931 has flourished into Star Choice Credit Union, a strong, healthy, stable financial institution. We are dedicated to making sure members love what we do, and carry out the tradition of people-helping-people by helping our members build strong financial futures and achieve their financial goals.

Q: Do you find social media beneficial to interacting with members?

We have been using social media extensively, especially in the past year, to connect with our current and prospective members. It gives our members another outlet to communicate directly with us, allowing them to post questions and comments about Star Choice as well as expressing their appreciation for our array of products and member services. Social media has allowed us to create a likeable “personality” for our credit union and allows our members to interact with us in a way that isn’t strictly business-related, which they seem to really enjoy.

Q:  Let’s talk social. Star Choice CU is on Facebook and Twitter. Do you view social channels as a good way to interact with customers? Do your members use one platform more heavily than another to engage with you? Do you see a difference in the demographics that use Facebook v. Twitter?  

Social media is an extremely great way to interact with our members. Our Facebook page is generally more member-based, while we interact with a lot of other credit unions and business using Twitter. Our Facebook demographic seems to be younger and more actively engaged than our Twitter page. I utilize Twitter mainly to interact and get insights on what other credit unions and financial institutions are doing, while Facebook is used more heavily and primarily for interacting with current and prospective members of Star Choice.

Q: Star Choice recently launched a sweepstakes encouraging Facebook fans to send their information to win tickets to see the Minnesota Wild take on the Colorado Avalanche.  How has your Minnesota Wild Hockey Ticket promotion helped encourage more engagement?

Since we started the Minnesota Wild Hockey promotion, we went from about 460 Facebook fans to around 530. Not only did we increase the number of “likes” on our Facebook page, but the promotion has sparked a lot of excitement and engagement on our page. People were liking and sharing our posts, encouraging their friends to enter into the ticket drawing, and, as a result, our reach increased dramatically from 687 people towards the beginning on February to around 1,700 this past week.

Q: Are you looking to drive engagement to your credit union within a certain demographic?

The national average age for credit unions is 47 years old, and we are currently at around 46 years old. Our goal is to continue to lower that age, and get the word out about credit unions to a younger demographic and social media is doing a great job helping us achieve that. Seventy five percent of our Facebook demographic is between the ages of 18-44, and that is ultimately the demographic we are trying to reach, so we are right on track.

Q: Let’s talk mobile. You offer mobile banking to your members. What platforms do you offer (iPhone, Android)? Have you seen a surge in mobile banking usage in the last year?

We offer mobile banking to any member who has an internet-enabled mobile device. Last year at this time we had about 1,800 members utilizing our mobile banking services, and right now we have almost 2,000 members taking advantage of our mobile banking. Our mobile banking usage is definitely continuing to increase.


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