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For our most recent FI Spotlight, had the opportunity to speak with Shannon Wilson, e-Marketing Channel Specialist at Travis Credit Union, a $2 billion credit union serving 12 counties in Northern California. Shannon shared some information with us about their 10 Grand For 1 Fan Facebook contest, which encourages Travis Credit Union Facebook Fans to interact with the financial institution. The goal of TCU’s 10 Grand For 1 Fan was inspired by Shannon to take TCU’s online presence to the top of the credit union industry. Of course, we wanted to hear more because, as Shannon said it best, “with 5,258 new Facebook fans in just more than two weeks – what’s not to ‘Like’?”

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Q: You recently launched your Facebook contest 10 Grand For 1 Fan. Can you give us an overview the contest? What inspired this social media campaign?

Travis Credit Union is consistently ranked among the top 10% of credit unions in the social media space. I thought, “How can we attract a wave of new fans and engage the ones we already have?” Thus, we came up with the idea for followers to enter the 10 Grand For 1 Fan contest. I focused on three elements in this promotion: make it inviting, repeatedly engaging and, of course, measurable.


Q: What has your member response been to the 10 Grand For 1 Fan Giveaway? When will the winners be announced?

TCU members have really begun to interact with us more socially since the promotion was launched. We’ve received several positive comments, creative ideas and member testimonials. To create more enthusiasm during the contest, we’re giving away weekly prizes for the first eight weeks on Monday mornings. Additionally, if the TCU facebook page reaches 50,000 likes by March 31st, 2013, we will give one lucky fan $10,000.

Q: Has membership grown significantly during the campaign? Has it increased engagement on your Facebook page?

Travis Credit Union is seeing a positive growth in its membership due to the social engagement of the campaign. In addition, it has seen growth through all of its social media outlets, with the highest growth on Facebook: a 145% increase in followers and a 99.01% increase in engagement since the promotion began.

Q: Are you looking to drive engagement with your credit union within a certain demographic?

Travis Credit Union is looking to drive engagement with those between the ages of 18-55 years of age. We also want to build a reputation with those younger folks that will be our future members.

Q: Do you see the 10 Grand For 1 Fan Giveaway driving more in-branch users to digital solutions and vice versa?

The end goal of this promotion is ultimately engagement that will lead to the growth of our membership online and into the branches for more complex loan products.

Q: How are you planning to continue to expand your digital banking offerings for members?

Travis Credit Union is always looking ahead to expand our digital banking offerings to our members, including through mobile applications, online loan applications, and other financial services. The goal is to make our products and services as seamless and easy to use as possible for all our members.

Shannon Wilson has 10 years of experience in marketing and is currently driving the online marketing efforts at Travis Credit Union. Mrs. Wilson’s experiences includes: online and social media, search marketing, email and online CRM, online promotions and acquisition, user experience, online conversion, performance based campaigns and the list goes on.


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