Fueling Innovation and Growth in the Cloud

How does a company transition from strictly desktop software to one that today generates about 60 percent of its revenue in connected services?

Delivering a keynote at All About the Cloud, Intuit CIO Ginny Lee talked about Intuit’s journey from desktop to anytime, anywhere access on any device and how the company is fueling innovation and growth in the cloud.

Whether you’re running a cloud business or transitioning to one, Lee stressed the importance of:

Mindset – IT plays a critical role in enabling growth and a great customer experience. Therefore, put customers at the heart of everything you do. Think business first, tech second.  Be explicit about roles and hold everyone accountable.

Innovation – Break down the barriers to innovation by creating tools that foster rapid prototyping and innovation both inside and outside of your company. Tap into the vast ecosystem of external developers at the ready to help create great offerings.

Data – The nature of data is maturing and how you use it can be a competitive advantage. Intuit embraces data driven innovation and looks beyond basic reporting to data driven actions and insights.

Check out her presentation below.

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Written by Holly Perez