Going Mobile: Brett King Speaks at TEDxConejo

Brett King, bestselling author, strategic consultant and long time senior industry analyst in the finance sector, recently spoke at TEDxConejo about the modality shift in banking towards increased mobility. Brett spoke about how to reach the highly educated, underbanked population in America through increased mobility. After all, it’s important not to focus on what the bank of the future might look like, but what the current and future bank customer will look like, and how an FI can help them.

Brett demonstrated a variety of mobile applications from NFC payments to mobile banking apps that are successfully targeting this shifting modality. Mobile options are a large opportunity for financial service organizations to reach customers who would otherwise be uninterested in banking services.

You can watch Brett’s full presentation here, or view it below.

What are you doing to reach new members? How do you tap into the underbanked population?

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Written by Banking.com Staff