Have You Set Up Your Social Strategy Yet?

The Banking.com Staff regularly discusses with our readers the use of Web 2.0 tools such as social media to increase customer engagement and retention. Christophe Langlois of Visible Banking agrees that a concrete Twitter strategy is a great way to build on customer retention, relationship management and overall customer satisfaction with your financial institution.

Christophe speaks specifically about using Twitter and social media platforms in a recent video to ensure that banks and credit unions are properly servicing their customers and members through quick and reliable customer service.  In an age of virtual banking, any customer with a complaint makes a larger splash online due to the transparent and public nature of social media.

Social platforms are an important theater in which FI’s can turn an angry customer into a brand ambassador. Some prime examples of how FI’s are using social platforms to better serve their customers include: Bank of America, American Express, BNP Paribas Bank, Wells Fargo and Webank, amongst others. Since Twitter is transparent and public, FI’s can help sway public perception for the better by responding and reaching out to customers to solve their problems.

You can watch the full video at Visible Banking.

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Written by Banking.com Staff