How Banks Can Better Appeal to an Evolving Audience

By Kate Blatherwick

As the way we conduct our business and our personal lives becomes increasingly internet led, banking too must adapt and grow to appeal to an ever more internet-savvy audience. Online banking has already gone some way to revolutionising the way we manage our finances online – but this is just the beginning.

In order to better understand how banks might better appeal to an internet audience, it is important to first understand the current experience users are having and what they’d like to see change in the future.

With this in mind, research conducted by Zabisco was undertaken via social media and an online survey to gather opinions from which banking preferences can be drawn:



Of 30 participants questioned, 57.4% currently use online banking and 90% stated this was the banking method they prefer to use, showing a huge propensity to bank online over any other method. Interestingly, despite being more widely used by recipients than mobile or telephone banking, it was in-branch banking that came out as the least popular option…

When asked about their attitude toward mobile banking, almost 40% were unsure as to whether or not their bank offered a mobile banking app whilst only 23% expressed any concerns over their inherent security.


Clearly, a sample of 30 participants is not enough to base widespread predictions upon, but it does give us some interesting insights into how users feel about the way they bank – most notably, it seems the biggest hurdle to the adoption of mobile banking is awareness, rather than the UK market not being ready to adopt such technology as some articles claim.

How Banks Can Better Appeal to an Evolving Audience

In order to better service their customers, banks have got to seek new ways in which to appeal to their customer’s needs and improve their service offerings accordingly.

That means understanding the end user and sculpting services around their needs, not just the needs of the organisation or its internal members. The research stated here is the very first step to understanding how banking customers today behave, but it is by far the complete story. It is only by investing in that user understanding that banks can create a user experience that works as well for the customer as it does for them – and that’s no mean feat.


Kate Blatherwick works in the client services team at Zabisco, a  digital agency who produce engaging designs and content for websites  and mobile. Working in both London and Nottingham offices, Kate is project lead on a variety of clients including Barclays, RBS and Natwest.

Zabisco works with a range of financial services clients and, in the companies experience, the ongoing success of these banks is dependent on them taking a more user centered approach. To find out more about user experience and how banks can improve their, visit the Zabisco website at

Written by Kate Blatherwick