How to Attract Gen Y Customers and Members

Many financial institutions are vying for the coveted attention of that elusive generation, Gen Y.  With pressure on the banking giants from younger generations to reduce hidden fees and increase transparency through movements like Occupy Wall Street and Bank Transfer Day, credit unions and smaller community banks are reaping the rewards.

However, some institutions are still unsure how to market their offerings to the younger, tech-savvy generations. Young and Free Indiana recently released a video that addresses concerns of some Gen Y-ers that credit unions may be too local. As Currency Marketing’s president and Creative Director notes in a blog post, “technology, shared branching and ATM networks go a long way to solving this problem, but the biggest hurdle is perception and understanding.”

See how Young and Free Indiana navigates attracting younger members in the video below.

How are you marketing your offerings to a younger audience? Are you helping to educate your community on the national reach of your financial institution? Let us know by tweeting @Bankingdotcom or responding in the comments section below.

Written by Staff