How to: Create Innovative Solutions with Everyday Experiences

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How can you use everyday experiences to fuel innovation? It’s a question that Digital Insights’ Chief Innovation Officer José Resendiz regularly asks his team. Under Jose’s leadership, an innovation-focused team called DI Labs takes a unique approach to innovation by looking at other industries for inspiration, observation and experimentation. NCR’s Everyday Made Easier blog wrote:

Looking to Other Industries for Inspiration

In a recent article for FAST Company, José noted that some of the best ideas come from the most unexpected of places. Looking to other industries who are innovating can serve as inspiration. For example, José’s team uses some of the most popular apps to determine why a user stays engaged and plays with some of the newest technology gadgets to understand what makes them so appealing and how they can be used within financial services. As he mentioned in FAST Company, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut so here a few things to keep in mind

  • Context is key. Look for those moments where your user is not yet interacting with your brand, but needs them dearly.
  • Question everything. If colleagues are shooting down your concepts using antiquated mindsets, make sure to ask “Why?” and “Why not?”
  • Don’t make your user do more. Think about shortening the path to the experience, and look to those who are nailing the effortless factor.

*This post originally appeared on NCR Everyday Made Easier Blog

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