Improving Online Services

In an increasingly online world, financial institutions are faced with bringing customer service online via multiple channels. While support lines and e-mails can suffice for some, some social media savvy consumers turn to Facebook or Twitter to find their financial institution.

In a recent article, Sue Hildreth examines customers’ behaviors in the financial marketplace. Hildreth sites statistics from Intuit Financial Services, IDC, Finextra Research and Pegasystems, noting that an online experience is becoming a valued resource to customers. During a poor economy, having reliable customer service in the banking industry has been crucial. As people refinance homes, shift stocks and deal with overdrawn accounts, having a customer representative, rather than an automated phone system, is paving the way for a new wave of customer service.

Hildreth writes:

“Kate Leggett, senior analyst at Forrester Research Inc. and a leading expert on CRM, believes that banks and other financial services firms will want to integrate their CRM Web offerings into a corporate Facebook page so that customers don’t have to jump between the two sites but can get the same, consistent online Web services at either place.”We see some companies — though not yet many banks — offering customer service on Facebook. They can engage with customer service staff directly, through click to chat, or they can browse the knowledge base,” Leggett said. “I believe it is the next wave.”

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Written by Staff