Is a .bank Domain Right for Your Bank?

This article originally appeared on BankNews

With the general availability of the .bank registry under way, more than 5,500 applications from over 2,200 banks have already taken place, according to fTLD Registry Services. As the initial rush to claim new domains winds down, many banks are feeling the pressure to join the crowd before they get left behind. However, before making any hasty moves, it’s important to pause and consider several questions to determine if securing a .bank domain is the right plan for your financial institution.

The advantages of being a .bank early adopter

The .bank domain was created to address the overall security needs financial institutions need to help combat widespread problems with phishing and other sophisticated attacks that harm consumers. By restricting the registration and requiring enhanced security for .bank domains, the fTLD’s hope is to create a walled garden, where sites hosted on a .bank domain will be considered safe, trusted sites.

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Written by Staff