Maximize Online Banking Efficiency

Today’s successful banking institutions must quickly adapt to dynamic business environments, deploy new technologies, and deliver consistent online services to meet their customer’s needs – anytime, anywhere, and with whatever device they choose. Success for banks will in large part, be based on their data center and networking infrastructure.

Yet, banks face numerous technology challenges, such as maintaining regulatory compliance, ensuring business continuity while moving data over long distances for backup and replication, and avoiding network security risks. In today’s Internet-driven economy, slow and unreliable network connectivity is a road block for servicing customers and supporting branch office employees. Banks must keep branch office employees productive, so they can provide the best services to their customers. The potential impact can result in the loss of customers, revenue, employee productivity, and regulatory noncompliance.  Slow and unreliable networks can impede employees from reviewing loan portfolios, servicing mortgages and other banking operations. Wide area network (WAN) optimization solutions enable banks to deliver fast, reliable and secure network connectivity, to deliver the performance needed for applications from business process management (BPM) to processing loans, and other crucial operations.

The delay from long distances combined with limited bandwidth and network congestion can significantly degrade the performance of centralized applications. When branch employees use applications that are hosted at headquarters, network congestion and the distance the applications must travel can increase the time it takes to log into remote servers, download files, fulfill queries, etc. Slow and unreliable applications over wide area networks leaves employees and online customers frustrated, as they rely on critical banking and enterprise applications to conduct their daily business.

With WAN optimization, data transfers are faster and log-ins are within a fraction of a second, so branch office users like financial analysts and loan processors can focus on operations and compliance. Online customers can review their checking, savings, loans, credit cards and other accounts – and spend less time waiting for applications to load.

WAN optimization has become a strategic solution for navigating the traffic maze and freeing bandwidth to create smoother and more efficient network connectivity. Many of these products can eliminate more than 80 percent of redundant data from the WAN, to speed application delivery, shorten data transfers times and reduce bandwidth consumption. Eliminated are the protocol inefficiencies that undermine application responsiveness. By overcoming the underlying network challenges, banks are able to get the most out of their existing bandwidth. This allows them to delay, and even eliminate expensive bandwidth upgrades.

However, finding a cost-effective solution to accelerate applications and remote data backup is one of the most challenging issues for small and medium sized banks. It requires more than just a “Band-Aid” approach. The solution must prove to be reliable and cost-effective for the long term.

Data reduction technologies, like that of Sangfor’s, can solve banks’ network challenges, enable a remote backup to be more than twice as fast as before, and the company’s bandwidth is freed up by more than 50 percent.

With a cost-effective WAN optimization solution, banks can improve application delivery to branch employees connecting to centralized banking applications, speed remote data backup connectivity for IT personnel, and improve online connectivity for their customers.

Marc Goodman is an independent marketing consultant for Sangfor Technologies. He has over 30 years of experience marketing networking products and services. Marc has served in various marketing capacities for F5 Networks, Riverbed, Silver Peak, and Array Networks.

Written by Marc Goodman