Mobile Takes on the Desktop for Remote Deposit

Remote deposit capture solutions create a lot of buzz, but do consumers really crave the technology? With the help of Affinity Federal Credit Union, we hosted a poll earlier this month asking our readers and the customers of their respective financial institutions, “Would you prefer to deposit checks via a mobile phone, or desktop computer?” Affinity Federal Credit Union provided the question to ascertain for themselves and the larger industry whether there’s a need for both solutions at one financial institution.

The winner? Mobile remote deposit capture. Poll respondents overwhelmingly preferred the mobile technology, corresponding with the widespread adoption of smartphones. Below is a visual breakdown of the results.


The poll results didn’t surprise Affinity Federal Credit Union, New Jersey’s largest credit union with 21 branches throughout northern and central New Jersey. Nancy Chen, Assistant Vice President of eCommerce at Affinity Federal Credit Union said, “We suspected that most consumers would want to just use their mobile phone to take a quick snap shot as opposed to having to turn on the computer, turn on the scanner, and wait for it to scan. It just seems more convenient to just take a photo than to scan, so we weren’t too surprised by the results, and were glad to see that the poll validated our suspicions.”

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Written by Staff