How omni-channel marketing can work for your business – Part 3: Manage

When it comes to delivering a successful omni-channel marketing strategy, devising and launching your plans are just the first steps. Just as much time and attention are required to manage your marketing.

Efficient management of your messaging is crucial if you are to build genuine engagement with customers through personalized, contextualized experience, rather than adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Having complete control over customer communications can also be instrumental in your company’s efforts to realize omni-channel marketing. You must be able to manage your messaging in order to ensure it remains consistent across channels.

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Awareness and adaptability

Awareness and adaptability are two of the key benefits your business can gain from deploying the tools required to gain complete control over marketing communications across channels, from the ATM to mobile and beyond.

Having the ability to not only track and measure the performance of your messaging, but to tailor it based on contextual factors such as time of day and location, can be hugely advantageous for ATM marketing. This sort of flexibility can help physical channels to match the rapid change and innovation taking place in the digital space.

It’s also important to have awareness of individual customers’ past choices and behavior. If someone has previously made it clear they have no interest in a particular type of product, this information should be available to your marketers so they can respect these preferences.

This is much easier if you are able to view all previous customer interactions in a single place. Tools that provide this sort of information can also be invaluable when it comes to personalizing your messaging and promoting products that are relevant to individual consumers.

Managing costs and driving revenue

There are some very real business benefits to be gained from investing in technologies that give you complete control over marketing communications across channels.

Firstly, using a single, central system to manage your outbound messaging can make it much easier for marketers to define and adjust content, with no additional software distribution required. This can boost efficiency and minimize costs within your marketing department, as well as opening up possibilities to optimize staffing models.

When it comes to generating revenue and nurturing leads, one of the biggest advantages of an omni-channel system is the ability to pursue prospects seamlessly across channels. A customer should have the option to enquire about a product or register an interest on one channel and follow it up on another, which is equally beneficial for the individual and the provider.

Furthermore, the ability to deliver and manage relevant, responsive marketing communications across all channels will optimize customer experience and strengthen your brand. These are extremely important concepts in an industry where new providers are emerging all the time, many of which are heavily focused on maximizing convenience and giving today’s digitally savvy consumers exactly what they want, when and where they want it.

Developing a clear strategy and deploying the tools required to attract new business, engage customers and effectively manage your marketing will help you to stay ahead of the competition in the era of omni-channel.


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Written by Alastair Hogben

Alastair Hogben

Alastair Hogben is a Senior Software Marketing Manager, responsible for the marketing of NCR's Financial Services enterprise software portfolio with a specific focus on CxBanking and enterprise-enabled applications.

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