Online and Mobile Solutions – If You Build It, Will They Come?

It’s true that online and mobile solutions are in high demand, but that alone doesn’t guarantee that your customers and members will rush to adopt. If only it were that easy. For many, it’s going to take education on what the service is and why it will be valuable to them. Some “fence-sitters” may simply need convincing that now is the time to change their behavior from the old way of doing things.

Targeted marketing campaigns that address the barriers to adoption have proven to be extremely effective in moving these fence-sitters into active users. Growth and Retention Services campaigns have been so successful because they reach customers and members through email, offline and online channels and communicate the value in using your services to better manage their money and achieve their financial goals.

To weigh in on the biggest adoption challenges you face or share some of your own marketing and adoption best practices, visit In:Volve.

Written by Erika Teola and Gene Tunney