FI Highlight: The Great Northwest

In addition to mountains, music, video games, coffee, skiing and technology, the Pacific Northwest is home to more than 12 million citizens. Intuit Financial Services third annual online financial management survey found that one-third of people from this tech-savvy region prefer to use online services provided by their bank or credit union to manage their personal finances. What are they doing?

Northwest residents like to track account balances, pay bills/transfer funds, and check the accuracy of banking transactions. They also use online tools to help them stay on budget – see where their money is going, understand how much they can spend and see all their finances and bills in one place.

In fact, more than half of respondents in the Northwest mentioned they would switch to a financial institution that offers online banking tools if their current institution does not currently offer them. Also, the ability to manage and pay all bills in one place reigns supreme for residents, as 89 percent consider taking care of paper checks, credit cards, online bill pay and auto-debits at one place most useful.

When it comes to banking on-the-go, nearly one-quarter either already use mobile banking now or plan to try it in the next year. Those currently utilizing mobile banking use it in parallel to how they use online banking – most view account balances, transfer funds and manage bills using their mobile device.

What tools do you offer your customers? Are you dialed-in to meet their specific needs? Let us know how you help by leaving a comment below.

Written by Staff