“Show Me The (Mobile) Money”– A Case Study in Monetization

*This blog was originally posted on The Intuit Network

In this week’s Predictions Webcast, IDC’s Chief Analyst Frank Gens declared 2012 the year “Mobile Wins,” meaning we’ll see tablets and smartphones handily outpace their PC predecessors. While this isn’t necessarily a shock– mobile has been barreling toward us all for some time now– the concept of effectively capatalizing on mobile reamins a hot topic.

In the following presentaiton from SIAA’s “All About Mobile Conference,” Intuit’s own John Flora shares how Intuit Financial Services is helping mid-sized banks and credit unions serve their customers at their point of need in the cloud, on a tablet or even a smartphone. It all starts with focusing on “real customer problems” and designing for seamless experiences.

Written by Allyson Casey