Social Media Statistics: By-the-Numbers, December 2010

Below are interesting statistics on social media usage. Feel free to share your favorite social media statistics in the comments section.

  • 120 billion chat messages are sent on Facebook per month (Source: Facebook)
  • 15 billion person-to-person messages are sent on Facebook per month (Source: Facebook)
  • 94% of people will use social networking for mobile communication in 2015 (Source: Read Write Mobile)
  • 50% of SMBs block Facebook at work (Source: Webroot)
  • 35 hours of video are uploaded per minute on YouTube, a 10 hour increase over March 2010 (Source: YouTube)
  • $41 billion in value for Facebook, the third highest among Web companies (Source: All Facebook)
  • $4 billion valuation for Twitter as several venture capital firms reportedly enter into a ‘bidding war’ (Source: TechCrunch)
  • $192 million is expected to be spent on social gaming advertising in the U.S. in 2011 (Source: eMarketer)
  • 175 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in October 2010, an average of 15.1 hours per viewer (Source: comScore)
  • 143.3 million unique monthly visitors for Google sites’ online video content, driven primarily by YouTube (Source: comScore)
  • 85 million LinkedIn members, with an additional member joining each second (Source: TechCrunch)

Written by Staff