Social Media Statistics: By-the-Numbers, January 2011

Below are interesting statistics on social media usage. Feel free to share your favorite social media statistics in the comments section.

  • $50 billion is the latest valuation for Facebook, which has reportedly seen new investments from Goldman Sachs and others (Source: Bloomberg)
  • 73% of Americans read their local newspaper at least once per week, 78 percent claim to read ‘most or all’ of the local newspaper (Source: National Newspaper Association)
  • 71% of U.S. web users have Facebook accounts (Source: iStrategyLabs)
  • 66% of Americans cite television as their most widely used source for national and international news, down from 74 percent in 2008 and 82 percent in 2002 (Source: Pew Research)
  • 65% of Internet users have paid to download or access some kind of online content from the Internet, with music, software and apps being the most popular (Source: Pew Internet)
  • 41% of Americans say they get most of their news about national and international events from the Internet (Source: Pew Research)

Curious to know which states use Twitter the most? You’re in luck, here’s an infographic with the details.

Written by Staff

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