Social Media Statistics: By-the-Numbers, October 2010

Below are interesting statistics on social media usage. Feel free to share your favorite social media statistics in the comments section.

  • 3 million users for the location-based social network Foursquare (Source: Foursquare)
  • 76% of Internet users ages 50-64 get news online, and 42% do so on a typical day; among Internet users ages 65 and older, 62% look for news online, and 34% do so on a typical day (Source: Pew Research)
  • 2 billion views of YouTube videos with ads each week, a 50% increase over last year (Source: The New York Times)
  • 1 billion people use Google each week (Source: TechCrunch)
  • 82% of Twitter users have fewer than 350 followers (Source: TwitterCounter)
  • 200 million check-ins have been made to-date by users of the location-based service Foursquare (Source: Foursquare)
  • 2 million websites now use the Facebook “Like” button to enable users to share content (Source: Facebook)
  • 35% of U.S. adults have apps on their phones, though only 24% use them (Source: Pew Internet & Nielsen)
  • 175 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in September 2010, averaging 14.4 hours per viewer (Source: comScore)
  • 19.4% of viewers abandon an online video after 10 seconds; 44.1% do the same after 60 seconds (Source: Visible Measures)

Written by Staff