The Next Banking Generation: The Mobile Teen

April is Financial Literacy Month, and many organizations and financial institutions are providing information and tips to help consumers take the right steps on money management. One demographic driving numerous campaigns for Financial Literacy Month is the pre-teen and teen demographic, the next banking generation.

A recent infographic developed by Safely shines light on how frequently pre-teens and teens are using mobile devices; 75 percent of 12 – 17 year olds own a cell phone. These teens don’t just have phones to call home in case of emergency — they are heavy mobile users who talk about 835 minutes a month on their phones and receive/send an average of 1,200 texts a month. They are also heavy app users, with an average user downloading 11 apps a month.

As financial institutions and organizations help educate consumers for Financial Literacy Month, it is important to keep in mind the new financial generation is a generation that will approach finances with a mobile perspective. See below for the full information from Safely and more stats on the mobile teen:

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Written by Staff