Tossing out cash

Buying lunch each day can be one of those monotonous routines where you end up buying the same thing from the same place every day.  One nice thing about working in Bankside, London is the variety of food outlets.  One of them is Tossed which serves up freshly made salads using your choice from their list of ingredients allowing you to have variety in your salad of the day.

Of course I also have a preference in the way I pay for my chosen lunch.  Nearly all the shops I use will accept ApplePay and that is my default mechanism.  And while I don’t see a lot of fellow lunch buyers using ApplePay, many of them are using contactless.  Cash in the lunchtime queue is definitely fading in this corner of London.

Tossed, like some others, have really taken to technology with the ability to order online and pick up your order in store.  So whether you want Kale or Lettuce base or are into their muscle building salad your choices can be made at your desk before leaving the office.  And now they are taking a step further with removing cash from the choices available at the till.  They will only accept card or mobile payments.

This might be new to London but other countries are already heading down this route with moves recently in Demark and other Scandinavian countries.  As more debit and credit cards are reissued as contactless and the forthcoming launches of Samsung Pay and Android Pay there will be more chances for people to switch away from cash in the lunch time queue.  As one shop assistant commented to me recently ‘it is so much quicker than cash’.

Written by Andy Brown

Andy Brown

Andy is marketing director for payments at NCR. He has nearly 30 years' experience in e-payment systems from the delivery and support of systems in the Far East and Europe, from both the product management and marketing perspectives. Based in the UK, Andy is responsible for marketing NCR payment solutions.

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