Twitter Town Hall Highlights

Last week, we hosted a Twitter Town Hall to discuss the findings of the Future of Financial Services report. Key trends discussed included small business, cloud computing and technology, the use of social channels and the influence of Baby Boomers and Gen Y on banking. We were joined by Steve King (@smallbizlabs), founder of Emergent Research, Mark Rapport (@RapportCUTimes), from Credit Union Times, Brett King (@BrettKing), author of Bank 2.0, Al Ko (@FinanceWorks), SVP of consumer and small business solutions at Intuit Financial Services, well as other industry influencers and participating FI’s.

Below are a few tweets that outline the discussion from the Town Hall.

Small Business:

  • @smallbizlabs: We’re seeing a lot of traditional and non-traditional FIs targeting the traditional #smallbiz mid-market #b2020
  • @smallbizlabs: The number of personal businesses (solopreneurs) is growing rapidly. Our surveys show they don’t feel banks serve them well #b2020
  • @leimer: Consumer/SmBus want mobile + online + POS integration: One login. One platform. One user experience. One simple consistent process. #b2020
  • @JeffMarsico: @leimer Small businesses want access to capital/loan. Perhaps in 2020 FIs will develop their own p2p lending platform like Prosper. #b2020

Social Channels:

Demographics (Gen Y and Baby Boomers):

  • @BrettKing: GenY don’t get checks, paper banking and signatures. Modality needs to change to accommodate them for banking #b2020
  • @RapportCUTimes: Don’t know about gender roles but what magic bullet will be for CUs to get Gen Yers, younger to come aboard. Tech and marketing? #b2020
  • @smallbizlabs: Baby boomers are going to need a lot help with retirement, retirement planning and elder care #b2020

To view the full discussion, visit #b2020 on Twitter.

Written by Staff