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Hello! Thanks for visiting Banking.com. We are making our debut in October 2010 and we’re excited to bring you the latest and greatest information regarding online financial management for financial institutions.

This blog is run by Intuit Financial Services. Banking.com is designed to provide financial institutions access to insights from industry experts as well as resources for tapping into important customer segments. Content on this site comes from industry experts. Some, but not all, are our own experts at Intuit. Check out our post on “Three Customer Segments You’re (Probably) Not Paying Enough Attention To” in “Financial Management Insights” for starters.

We’ll also recognize how banks and credit unions are finding innovative ways to survive and thrive in the current economy, whether it’s goofy giveaways or financial planning classes for your community.

Our goal is to highlight data and trends that help financial institutions provide customers and members with the online financial management tools and tips they need to make smarter financial decisions.

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