What We’re Reading: Facebook, Google Glass and iPads

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  • Facebook Design Changes Could Benefit Banks, If They Adapt Quickly

American Banker

Facebook’s latest update to the way it presents shared information to users could help bank marketers. A battery of changes will include larger photos and four new feeds (to keep tabs on all friends, the photos friends are sharing, music the user has indicated he likes, and the latest news from pages and people the user follows). The new feeds could help bank customers keep up with what their financial services companies are sharing, assuming they “friend” their banks.

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  • Google Glass Will Change Your Branches

American Banker

Google has teased us once more with an augmented reality future. The company has released images and video heralding what appears to be the imminent launch of their Glass augmented reality devices. Not surprisingly, commentators are predicting a seismic shift that will match the launch of the iPhone. That has created a wave of excitement, as banks and technology providers speculate how these innovations will turbo-charge mobile banking.

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  • Who is Your Borrower in a Virtual World?

Bank Systems & Technology

The traditional, documentary method of verifying the identity of a customer is for an employee of a financial institution to look at a government-issued photo ID and manually check it against customer-provided information. The non-documentary procedures start with obtaining information from the applicant that can be compared to information in the public record from third party sources. The developing best practice is to cross check nonpublic personally identifiable information that is input by the applicant against the information on credit reports. Through API exchanges with the major credit reporting agencies the personal information input by the applicant can be verified against the information independently provided in the credit report.

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  • iPads, Other Tablets to Drive Mobile Banking

Billing World

One in four tablet PC users will use their devices to pay bills by 2017, says a new report. Juniper Research found that a growing user acceptance of “push” mobile banking and a sharp rise in tablet adoption will drive users of transactional tablet banking services to almost 200 million in 2017. This will represent approximately one-fifth (19 percent) of total mobile banking customers in 2017, compared to just 9 percent this year. The report finds that, adoption of mobile bill presentment and payment (MBPP) transactional banking by tablet users will be higher than mobile handset users, especially in developed areas where there is a higher adoption of tablets. The report says as consumer tablet adoption continues to rise, there will be significant migration of purchasing and transaction activity from laptops and desktops to tablet devices.

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  • Clay Christensen: Jeff Bezos, Scott Cook, and Steve Jobs Got Disruption Right

Business Insider

In an interview appearing at strategy+business, Clay Christensen argues that many executives are pushed to make decisions that are quick and profitable, and they frequently rely heavily on incomplete data. When asked which executives thought about disruption the right way, Christensen cited ex-Intel CEO and co-founder Andy Grove and his response to inexpensive laptops. As for more recent examples, Christensen said: “Of the managers I’ve known, I think Scott Cook, who is the founder of Intuit, is most prone to think this way…”

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  • Going cashless

Celent Banking Blog

The Dutch looking to get rid of cash. They got rid of checks in 2001 as a payments instrument, and now they’re making moves to go that next step. Yes, it was a publicity stunt (there was also a big sell on contactless for example), but equally they were making payments fun, not something that you can often say! Few countries have managed to get cash to a point where it’s less than 50% of all transactions.

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  • US Bank intros BillPay feature for iOS and Android, lets you set up bill payments with a pic 


Judging by recently announced projects like Go Mobile, it’s quite clear that US Bank is working hard at keeping up with the mobile banking curve. With today’s introduction of its new Mobile Photo BillPay feature, the company’s giving customers using an iOS or Android device yet another nifty tool to take advantage of while on the go — one that’s set to make it easy to set up bill payments by simply taking a shot of any invoice and uploading it to an account from within the app.

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  • Dear Mobile Industry: Time To Step It Up On Security


In less than 10 years, smartphones and tablets have taken over. This year, the mobile industry will ship 1 billion smartphones globally, doubling the number of installed smartphones to about 2 billion. While we may agree that the mobile revolution has greatly benefitted all of us, our mobile devices are far from infallible when it comes to fraud and cybercrime. Many security firms predict 2013 will bring a rise in cyber attacks on mobile devices in general, and smartphones in particular.

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  • Area credit unions continue to gain popularity as the economy recovers

Washington Post

Membership, deposits and loan originations at area credit unions — particularly the largest ones — rose last year as the broader economy continued its climb, according to data released last week by the National Credit Union Administration. The figures mirror a national trend in which membership rose 2.2 percent in 2012, as 2 million new members signed up.
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