What We’re Reading: The Digital Age, Top Finance Apps and Online Passwords

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  • Branches Are Catching Up to the Digital Age

American Banker

The pressure to change physical footprints and update old service and staffing models for bank branches is accelerating, a trend underlined by this week’s purchase of video teller specialist uGenius by self-service technology company NCR. NCR plans to expand its APTRA Interactive Teller, which lets consumers conduct remote, assisted-teller transactions over an ATM. The teller has control over the machine and can help consumers execute deposits, transfers and other financial transactions while at the ATM. David Albertazzi, a senior analyst with Aite Group, says video enhances the customer experience by allowing questions to be answered in real time. It removes barriers to adoption for groups of consumers who are still reluctant to fully utilize the newer capabilities of the ATMs, such as multi-media deposit.

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  • Corporate Mobile Banking Slowly Gaining Traction

Bank Systems & Technology

Despite the exploding growth of mobile banking among consumers, mobile banking for corporate customers has seen a more cautious adoption. According to Patricia McGinnis, director of the commercial and enterprise payments solution at Mercator Advisory Group, corporate mobile banking faces a two-fold challenge: on the one hand, corporate IT departments are still figuring out BYOD policies and how to best secure mobile devices that are used for company purposes. While many corporate treasurers can do things like receive alerts and approve payments on a mobile device, functions like performing administrative duties and initiating payments are still being debated.

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  • “Do What You Do”: Capital One Touts Mid-Mobile Banking Multitasking

Brand Channel

The flurry of mobile banking ads lately is no accident. Just like every other business, banks have figured out that consumers are on the go — and connected — all the time.  Banks are already scrambling to get their piece of the mobile payments market, and now mobile banking apps are the latest new thing. A slew of campaigns are featuring the ease of mobile banking, with banks such as Barclays expanding mobile. Bank of America says, “Life is mobile. So is your bank.” Chase calls mobile banking, “The power of Chase in the palm of your hand.”

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  • Eric Ries On How To Make Any Company Move Like A Lean Startup

Fast Company

“Corporations are ruled by the systems that you create,” Lean Startup author Eric Ries tells Fast Company. Whether your team’s 100 or 100,000, here’s how to make a system that’s entrepreneurial by process, not by slogan. It’s like an alternate reality,” Eric Ries says. It’s “like on Star Trek or something,” he says of his consulting forays with organizations including Intuit, GE, and the U.S. government. “Everyone is very familiar and very alien at the same time.” While a 300,000-person company looks nothing like one with 100 people, Ries says the problems that entrepreneurs in those super-sized ecosystems are dealing with are the exact same ones that he made a name for himself researching.

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  • 10 Leading Finance And Banking Apps For iPhone And iPad



iPhone Rank

iPad Rank







Bank of America



Mint (Intuit)



Wells Fargo



TurboTax (Intuit)



Capital One



TaxCaster (Intuit)



Credit Karma



American Express




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  • A Financial Service for People Fed Up With Banks

New York Times

Like many people, Josh Reich got fed up with his bank after it charged him overdraft fees and he endured painful customer service calls to fight them. But unlike most people, Mr. Reich, a software engineer from Australia, decided to come up with a better way to bank. Mr. Reich and a co-founder, Shamir Karkal, created Simple, an online banking start-up company based in Portland, Ore., that offers its customers free checking accounts and data-rich analysis of their transactions and spending habits. “Banks make money by keeping customers confused,” Mr. Reich said. “There’s no incentives to make the experience better.” Of course, inviting people to trust a start-up with their money is a lot to ask.

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  • 7 Reasons Passwords Are Doomed – Finally

Read Write 

Passwords control your life. From accessing work email and stock prices on the go to checking a grocery store shopping list, passwords have become the primary source of identifying who you are. They are arguably more important than your driver’s license. But with that ubiquity comes risk – this tiny, yet powerful device contains enough information to expose your financial or health records and other personal details. From an enterprise perspective, the risks are just as great, if not greater. Ubiquity also creates confusion. On average, password reset requests make up 10% – 30% of all IT helpdesk calls.

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