Who Are Your Customers? A Breakdown of the New Financial Customer

Consumers are a diverse group, all of whom have different tastes, opinions and feelings toward the products they use and purchase. Financial customers are no different in their diversity, and banks and credit unions have to offer an extensive list of services to retain and attract customers and members. In recent years, through the expansion of new technology products including online banking tools, mobile banking and remote check deposit, consumers are looking for even more diversity from their financial institutions.

To delve into what consumers are looking for, First Data and Market Strategies International conducted a survey of 2,000 U.S. consumers to determine their attitudes toward technology adoption. The results of the study, which are available in a white paper published by First Data, examine the different customer segments on which financial institutions need to focus. Below is a breakdown of the groups:

Consumer Segments  Overview
Fast Trackers Young technology enthusiasts who make and spend money and are always online 
Young Aspirationals  Younger consumers who are curious about technology, are budget-conscious and need help saving money
Middle-of-the-Roaders Traditional when it comes to using mobile technology, these consumers like to spend money despite moderate incomes 
Value Seekers Financially stable, older consumers who are motivated by rewards and frequently use credit cards 
Simplifiers Older, lower-income consumers with simple banking needs who are not that interested in new technology 
Conventional Stalwarts Older, traditional-minded consumers who prefer to pay by cash and check, visit their bank often and use technology lightly 

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Written by Banking.com Staff