This Week’s Reads: Cardless ATMs, Smartwatches, EMV

Below are interesting stories the staff has been reading over the past week.

Articles via MainStreet, The Financial Brand, Banking Exchange, PaymentWeek

  • Cardless ATMs spit out cash at the command of your smartphone –no plastic required: If you think cardless ATMs are far off in the future, you should think again. Financial institutions are already piloting technology that allows consumers to withdraw money from ATMs using a combination of QR codes and their smartphones.
  • Becoming a smarter bank: With technology always changing and developing, it can be hard for financial institutions, especially smaller ones, to keep up. Becoming a smarter financial institution is all about being smarter with technology and understanding consumer needs.
  • “Share of wrist” wars begin: With the unveiling of the Apple Watch, financial institutions are beginning to debut their own plans for smartwatch integration. Over the next several months, it will be important to watch for key developments and see what the future holds.
  • Why EMV will lead the payments security transformation: As EMV technology continues to be discussed, it will be interesting to see how financial institutions implement EMV strategies and the effects these strategies will have on security.

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Written by Staff