This Week’s Reads: Digital Banking, Smartphones and Millennials

Below are interesting stories the staff has been reading over the past week.

Articles via Mobile Commerce Daily, Wall Street Journal, The Financial Brand, Banking Exchange

  • Marketers must understand mobile banking consumers’ lucrative potential: More than 90% of banking households in the U.S. use digital channels to access their banks. This is a huge percentage that marketers need to pay attention to when thinking about how to attract and retain consumers.
  • Fed report finds growing use of mobile banking: A recent report conducted for the Federal Reserve shows that mobile banking usage is steadily increasing in the U.S. As smartwatches continue to launch and be integrated into the lives of consumers, it will be interesting to watch how this changes.
  • Consumers love paying bills with their smartphones: As technology continues to develop, consumers find themselves with more options than ever before for payments. Millennials in particular are increasingly using their smartphones to pay bills.
  • Take a fresh look at millennials: A recent Banking Exchange article said it best, “you can’t make money right now off millennials. They are the customer of the future.”

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Written by Staff