This Week’s Reads: Online Banking, Apple Pay, Payments and More

Below are interesting stories the staff has been reading over the past week.

Articles via The Wall Street Journal, and MIT Technology Review 

  • Latest mobile-banking research shows laptops still reign: A recent survey of 1,000 American adults showed that Americans are still using their laptops to conduct simple banking transactions. Over three quarters of those surveyed responded that they anticipate using their laptop for banking activities in the next two years.
  • Major banks cashing in on Apple Pay potential: In the near future, we may see banks spend more money and time showcasing their newest capabilities, particularly those which relate to Apple Pay. Banks want to be part of the Apple Pay revolution because it makes it easier to not only attract new customers and increase profits, but also to keep current customers happy.
  • Silver surfers in Britain topping mobile and online banking growth charts: Recent data shows that it’s no longer just younger generations using mobile and online banking –their parents and grandparents are starting to jump on the trend too. With this information, experts argue that financial institutions’ investments in technology and digital banking are paying off in big ways.
  • Technology repaints the payment landscape: While it may seem like no one uses cash anymore, recent reports show that 85% of worldwide consumer transactions are done with bills and coins. Technology will help continue to drive digital payments and repaint the industry worldwide, not just in the United States.

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Written by Staff