This Week’s Reads: Passwords, Bank Branches, Fintech

Below are interesting stories the staff has been reading over the past week.

Articles via Business Standard, American Banker,, Wall Street Journal

  • Passwords are passé; biometrics is the future of banking: Banks are beginning to use biometrics to help authenticate customers, adding a level of convenience to banking for both consumers and financial institutions.
  • Banks’ new digital battlefront: The customer experience: Although customer expectations have shifted dramatically in recent years, it’s important for banks to continue to monitor how they are performing against them.
  • Do Americans hate bank branches so much they’d rather use their phone?: A recent survey found that 23% of consumers choose to use their smartphones as their primary access point for their checking accounts, showing a significant amount of consumers who choose mobile banking over their bank branch.
  • Fintech party may attract crashers: While big banks have been hit hard by regulations in the past, they have likely seen the worst of them. In contrast, as startups and companies in the fintech space continue to grow, regulators are paying more attention to them.

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Written by Staff