This Week’s Reads: Security, Innovation, Millennials

Below are interesting stories the staff has been reading over the past week.

Articles via Mobile Payments Today, BAI Banking Strategies, The Financial Brand, Bank News

  • Study: improved security is key to success for mobile banking: A recent survey from RateWatch revealed that while mobile banking may be struggling to attract new customers, those already using it are doing so more often.
  • Measuring innovation to improve it: By focusing on inputs, outputs and processes, financial institutions are able to make sure their innovation initiatives are paying off.
  • Banking’s 38mm and 42mm ‘Branch of the Future’: It has been awhile since something changed the financial services industry in a widely impactful manner, but smartwatches may be the next disruptor.
  • Millennials: Are they really that different?: While we tend to focus on the differences between millennials and older generations, it is also important to look at the similarities to see how both segments can be targeted at once.   

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Written by Staff