This Week’s Reads: Wearables, Biometrics, Digital Banks

Below are interesting stories the staff has been reading over the past week.

Articles via, Bank Innovation, Information Age, The Financial Brand

  • The changing face of Internet consumption: According to a recent report, just under 65% of Americans have a smartphone. That’s a huge opportunity for financial institutions to connect with consumers on channels that they are using and are convenient for them.
  • Alerts, the gateway to wearables: While many people are discussing the topic of payments features with wearables, experts believe that it will be alerts, not payments, which will be most convenient and most used by consumers.  
  • Why biometrics will go hand in hand with the wearables revolution: As wearables grow in popularity, the security of these devices will continue to be a hot topic and biometrics may be just in time to provide a solution.
  • Designing a digital bank: What are millennials looking for in their financial institution? They want transparency, financial advice and fully customizable convenience.

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Written by Staff